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Washlet (ウォシュレット, Woshuretto) is a registered trademark of the Japanese toilet company Toto, used for their line of cleansing toilet seats with water spray feature for genital and anal cleansing. The Washlet is an electronic bidet and commonplace on toilets in Japan. Released in June 1980, a total of more than 30 million Washlets have been sold by January 2011.

An angry customer mentioned, "Personally, I expect an item like the TOTO Washlet S300 to be trouble free for 10 years and have minor maintenance costs, $50 or less periodically throughout its lifetime.

Instead, myself and many others as discussed on gardenweb own the unit for 5 or 6 years and get socked with a $200-$300 repair, base model Washlet's aren't much more than this, and you have to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting for the unit to be repaired. I don't have a spare toilet seat lying around so the toilet is out of commission until it's repaired.

Two calls to Toto support showed me that Toto doesn't stand behind their products and believe failure of their mechanical devices is status quo (like a car, for instance). Funny that my last two Honda's needed less unscheduled maintenance than this toilet seat, and apparently most like it do.

Don't buy it. You're buying a guaranteed headache."


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Systems Engineer says

"Itochu Int'l Inc especially in IS offers a very cold work environment that is heavily micro-managed, passive aggressive and scrutiny driven with little to no mentor-ship and ill-equipped training. In my 12+ years in IT, I've never experienced anything like it. I was at my breaking point a month in with a lot of red flags going off. Not once was I shown any gratitude or empathy for my hard work from my manager. -Heavy Micro management -No ticketing system or electronic workflow, they still use paper forms -Hostile and passive aggressive environment"


"Low pay Bad management No room for growth Difficult to take PTO Work hours not flexible"

Mike Traywick says

"I have not received the product I ordered. However they did follow up with me to let me know the manufacturer I will be getting my product out to me in about three weeks."

Russ Kubart says

"Website said they had the part I needed, I paid for it, and then was notified that they didn't have the part after all."

Jeannine Weeks says

"haven’t received the product I ordered yet, so why send this to me if your method of delivery is so slow and poorly run."

ld says

"I never received the part"

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